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Turquoise Couch

Introducing Nicole

Nicole Lynn-Higginbotham is the founder and CHO at ByNicoleLynn. She is a natural-born organizer - believes a label maker is a great gift. After 20+ years of serving her clients and organizing as her therapy, Nicole shares her functional organizing style and life simplifying tips on her blog. Nicole is a Solopreneur of the Year winner, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur. Nicole’s husband is Justin; she is a bonus mom to two incredible young adults, is a dog momma, and currently resides in Florida after a recent move from Texas. Nicole is looking forward to her next business venture in Florida.

Life Musings
aka The Blog

Country Style Kitchen


Functional Organizing Tips I've learned along the way.



Mostly pics of these two;

Willie Nelson & Lucy Lou




Trying to keep the plants alive



Random thoughts inspired by life observations.

"I was very honored to attend the first Wave Makers event. It was intimate, intentional, filled with real conversations, and great discussions on challenges that many women in business face. Nicole has created a great environment that debunks what traditional network looks and feels like. At Wave Makers, you will find women that are committed to helping each other grow and build successful businesses."

Kimberly Pitts, UImpact

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