Nicole Lynn-Higginbotham

Natural born organizer - her mother describes her as "always needing order." Yes, she feels a label maker is a great birthday present. She believes simplification is the answer to creating harmony in our lives {including her own}.  

Nicole moved to Texas in 2013 and started an organizing business, Decluttered Spaces, to help people control their homes and offices, thereby living happier lives with less stress. Nicole creates simplified internal systems, offers training classes for small businesses, and consults in a private, online community. Oh, yes. She still organizes on-site for clients, rolls up her sleeves, and gets things in order.​

Nicole is married to Justin, a TX native, and enjoys being a bonus mom to Jacob and Miranda. Jacob is a D1 lacrosse goalie at Bellarmine University in KY. Miranda recently finished her Masters in Hospital Administration and works in Plano, TX. Miranda was also a D1 athlete playing volleyball at Seton Hall in NJ before obtaining her Masters from Texas Tech.

Nicole and her husband have recently relocated to Florida. A great place for new adventures.

Street Cred

For the Frisco Chamber of Commerce:

  • Current Immediate Past Chair of Women Enhancing Business

  • Women Enhancing Business Council member for four years, serving as Chair for two years.

  • Gala Volunteer Chair Coordinator of Volunteers past five years.

  • Past Co-Moderator for Chamber Works weekly breakfast meeting, 80 to 100 in attendance

  • 2015 Winner of Solopreneur of the Year 

  • 2016 & 2017 Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year

  • 2018 Finalist for Volunteer of the Year

Other Accomplishments:

  • Member of Frisco Women's League

  • Served 5 years on the board for Business Professional Women of Jupiter, FL {2 years as President}.

  • Past Area Director and Trainer for Business Networking International {7 year member}

  • Founder of Women's Mastermind, "The Tens"

  • Facilitator for Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich"

  • Four times published Author

  • Four years Project Life Leader | Ministry Assistant


Thank you. Talk to you soon.