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Tips to Unpacking

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. One ends up in another place with boxes, bags, containers, and other items hopefully, unloaded in some sense of order. As if you weren’t already tired and possibly overwhelmed, you still need to make sense of your new space, unpack these items, and get back to that thing called life.

Twelve tips to unpacking:

  1. List your spaces in order of importance for you. If you have children, their rooms might be at the higher end of the list versus the guest bedroom or bathroom.

  2. Enlist friends to help that you know will be of help and not get in the way. Think of a friend who has a super positive attitude, can take direction from you, and won't be offended if you don't like how they do something.

  3. If your budget allows, hire professional help. Even if it is to help with the major areas you need unpacked right away.

  4. Stay organized as you go. Break down boxes and store them all in a specific area until you are done.

  5. Keep a donation box handy while unpacking you will inevitably find items that make you say, "Why did I pack that?" They should go immediately into the donate pile.

  6. Make attainable goals. Tonight I will unpack five boxes; I will be able to park the car in the garage by this date.

  7. Take breaks when needed. When you start picking up the same item 5 times and still don't know where to put it, walk away and take a break. Get some fresh air, call a friend, go to an unpacked room, and applaud yourself for a job well done.

  8. Don't develop the philosophy out of sight out of mind. Those boxes will still be there, and you will need to "deal" with them someday.

  9. Listen to upbeat music. Music keeps your energy level high and your mood positive.

  10. Focus on functionality, not perfection. There's a good chance you will rearrange your area a couple more times until it feels right. Just focus on getting everything in the space it belongs you can strive for perfection later.

  11. Schedule time out of the house!! Do something to get the energy flowing and creative ideas swirling. I like to wander around Ikea, HomeGoods, Lowes, and The Container Store.

  12. Have fun!! It's your new space, make it your own, add your personality, and remember perfection for everyone else is not necessary. Achievement for you is the goal, and sometimes that comes with time and living in the space..

Enjoy your new home.

Nicole Lynn

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