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I Speak Dog & Plant

I've spent the last five months settling into a 102-year-old house with 2.5 closets, talking to my dogs and plants like humans, and excitedly telling my husband about the succulents with new blooms. I primarily work remotely and have concluded that I need to dust off my extrovert personality, even if only via the web to start.

My life was 1,152 miles away from where we are now, consisting of my friends, family, a prosperous dog sitting business, and an organizing business, pre- you know what. It's been an

exciting adventure getting settled in new towns [2] -- yes, we've moved twice since we sold our home last June 2021.

I miss having a creative outlet and being around a community of like-minded people -- not to mention I need to learn to have adult conversations again. It's decided via my marketing mastermind group I joined -- without a business to market and confirmed over a glass of wine that I will become a blogger. Yep, I will join the 31 million people posting regularly worldwide [stats via google].

If you're interested in organizing tips, this girl has gone from a four-bedroom, three-bath house with eight closets to a 2.5 bedroom with 2.5 closets --- I have tips, ya'll! My imposter life as a gardener --- more plants are living than I've killed—total win. Willie and Lucy, the current fur babies, have cuteness for days. The truths behind marriage, being a bonus mom, and other life musings. You've found the right place.

Sending you good vibes.

Nicole Lynn-Higginbotham

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