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02. Wave Makers

Are You a Wave Maker?

In my organizing company Decluttered Spaces, I attract a lot of people who work from home, some work for larger companies and get to office from home while others are leaving corporate America to follow their dreams and passions. Over the years, one of the things I noticed when working with business owners is a lot of us deal with the same challenges and concerns, regardless of the particular field and point of our business journeys. 


What is a Wave Maker you may ask?  A Wave Maker is a woman who is spreading her wings in her home, business, and life.  Wave-Makers are Inspiring, have No Limits, are Gracious, & support Success.  What does a Flying Pig have to do with any of it?  I’ve always loved the phrase, “If Pig’s Could Fly” to me that doesn’t mean something isn’t going to happen it represents dreams and hopes and thinking BIG!!  What is going to resonate with your heart and soul so deeply that a statement like If Pig’s Could Fly would have you dig your heels in and make that dream come true?!?!

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is good, however, creating a community is better!  Having my own personal board of directors has helped me create clear goals, plans to execute them, and held me accountable. New perspectives are a bonus.

WaveMakers-full-color (1).png

I need a community of supportive women!! 

How do I get involved?

Wave Makers Online Community

Don't be fooled by the title, this is not a fluffy how's business going group!!  This is a "let's get it done supporting one another group".  Each month we will be focussing on one of the following areas:

Productivity Planning | Time Chunking | Activity Management  |  Scheduling Efficiency | Growth Strategies 

Effective Communication | Accountability Strategies | Effective Systems

We meet twice a month at 25N Coworking in Frisco, TX - 1st Monday of the month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM for members only, 3rd Monday of the month, 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM guests are welcome to attend one complimentary meeting.  Monthly investment of $27 or Annual investment of $243.


Accountability to the MAX

This group is truly like having your own Board of Directors.  This is a more intensive community.  Perfect for those who have a goal{s} they need to achieve to move their business to the next level.  Weekly accountability, brain-storming, resources to help you achieve that goal {s}. 


Support | Stimulate Creativity | Fresh Ideas | Accountability | Judgement Free 


This community is limited to 13 ladies and requires a six-month commitment at $97/month.  Please complete the application form to be considered for the next group starting in February 2020.

Dedicated to YOU

From personal to professional growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the prosperous future you’ve always dreamt of.


With my 10+ years of being an entrepreneur and 15+ years of helping people organize, I have developed a knack for helping people move from the paralyzed state of where to I st find their true organizing style (aka organizing love language).  

What will your 90 days look like?  It’s completely customizable to what YOU need!  Investment of $197/month for three consecutive months. 


Let us see if it's a fit, tell me more about you. 

Force to be Reckoned With

Wave Makers & 25 N Co-Working

Wave Makers & 25N Coworking is thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership! What started as a celebration of 25N Coworking's grand opening has evolved into a groundbreaking partnership rooted in a mutual passion to support women in business. (Men - your group is coming later). 

The mission? To create a thriving community of female professionals; a place where goal-oriented women can come for accountability, structure, and focus (consider it your own personal board of directors). We believe firmly in the power of a group of like-minded go-getters to hone your focus, offer accountability, and ultimately, launch your ideas.

What will I get? You'll walk away from this gathering with support to develop clear goals, the plans to execute them, and the accountability necessary to make 'em happen.

Excited yet? Us too. Let's do this.

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