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Succulent Therapy

Since I was a young girl, I have always been around gardening. Growing up on the farm, we had a garden, and my grandmother had a garden. My mom has an incredible green thumb. I'm so-so; my rule of thumb is finding the risk-reward of the plant possibly dying versus the financial investment. The therapy of digging in the dirt is priceless for me.

Recently I discovered the world of succulents. I was always "afraid" of them, but I have realized they are pretty easy if you ignore them. LOL, They don't need a lot of water - enjoy the sunshine - are good at telling you when they aren't happy, which means they either need water or relocated to more or less sun.

Recently I made my first online purchase from a reputable company -- maybe I was too excited --- now I find myself with an abundance of succulents -- as well as a lot of repurposed bowls.

My wise husband, who knows well of my entrepreneurial spirit, says, "You should sale some arrangements." Here are my first set of arrangements for sale. They will make great gifts -- for yourself or anyone else :)

The multi color bowls are $40 each, the gray and white bowls are $35 each, payment is accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. Pick-up in Winter Park, FL. No holds, let me know which you would like.

Care note: All the bowls have drain holes drilled, the potting mix is a combination of succulent soil and grit, they have been freshly watered - do not water until dry, and they have all been inside in front of a sunny window.

All the best,


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