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Gift of Succulents

In case you missed it --- gardening is therapy for me, and I have a new obsession with succulents! We are currently on day two of rain where I live -- this girl has turned the dining room table into a potting table and has scoured the house for anything she can plant in.

With the holidays fast approaching - tables need decorating, gratitude shared, and any other reason to add some succulents to your life. Maybe one of these will strike your fancy :)

The "ramekin" pots are $15 each, the "gravy boats" are $40 each, payment is accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. Pick-up in Winter Park, FL. No holds, let me know which you would like.

Care note: All the bowls have drain holes drilled, the potting mix is a combination of succulent soil and grit, they have been freshly watered - do not water until dry, and they have all been inside in front of a sunny window.

All the best,


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