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Linen Closet - Yes or No?

I was recently asked how I organize my linen closet. I started to laugh and smile explaining that I turned my linen closet into my shoe closet! Further question, "Where do you put everything then (linen closet related)"?

Here is how I am able to live without a linen closet:

  • Purge, purge, purge. All items that are typically stored in a linen closet; towels, sheets, napkins, table cloths, toiletries, etc... first, get them out of there!

  • I keep two sets of sheets for every bed in the house. I keep them in a basket in the corresponding room. Including the guest/office room. When I need to change the sheets I grab the basket, put on the new sheets, put the dirty sheets in the basket and take it straight to the laundry room.

  • I keep one winter blanket/duvet folded at the foot of the bed. Creates an aesthetically pleasing look for the bed while also a place to store. The other winter blankets for visitors; I keep them in a Space Saver bag on the top shelf of the closet.

  • Bath towels are also stored in the bathroom they are used in. I chose to go all white throughout the house. Other options including assigning each person their own color. For instance, in the master bath, he could be blue and she could be a different color, like cream. Kids could pick their favorite color.

  • Toiletries are stored in plastic drawers under the sink in their appropriate bathroom. (Plastic drawers are great for keeping things tidy if there is a leak!)

  • The dog is bathed in the kitchen sink, her bathing supplies are stored in a high cabinet in the kitchen.

  • Table linens, napkins, etc are stored in a cabinet off the kitchen. I choose to have neutral colors adding the seasonal touches with decorative paper napkins, flowers, other items denoting the celebratory season (birthdays, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and so on).

Not ready to part entirely with the linen closet? Here are some tips to maintain order.

  • Purge - anytime you are redoing a space one should always remove everything and place into category piles; trash/recycle, donate, keep (sorting by like item in this case towels, sheets, lines, etc), belongs elsewhere.

  • Adjustable shelving is best for a linen closet to maximize space. If budget prohibits redoing all the shelving, or you are in a temporary situation such as a rental, utilize baskets as well as clear plastic storage drawers.

  • Keep towels and linens at eye level. Sort towels by type and linen by sizes. Keep your stacks short to avoid an avalanche. Keep your folded set together by storing them inside the pillowcase.

  • Hang your tablecloths lengthwise on a wooden hanger. Use acid-free paper to keep them in tip top shape.

  • Make sure your linen closet is cool to reduce chances of mold. Use baking soda or sachets to keep linens smelling fresh.

Feel free to vote - linen closet or no? Share your pictures.

Nicole Lynn

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