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Welcome to My New Website

Welcome to By Nicole Lynn! What a J*O*U*R*N*E*Y this has been!

I officially started my organizing business in 2013 under the name Should Change, an acronym; systemize, harmonize, organize, understand, listen, devise, and so on. All words that cleverly described my mantra for organizing. It wasn't received well - who knew people would take it as me telling them what to do. A year later, I changed the company name to Decluttered Spaces - that went over much better!

Over the past six years, my client's needs have grown, I've learned a lot of what I love to do, and my services expanded {along with my websites}!

This organizer woke up one day, "Oh my I have cluttered my life with too many websites, Facebook pages, and business cards"!

Time to Declutter, this is how ByNicoleLynn was created. For years I debated branding under my name, and the day was here.

Take a moment, browse around, feel free to let me know what you think. Stay tuned for more information and a new Facebook page.

Keeping it simple,

Nicole Lynn

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