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Introducing our law firm

by Nicole Lynn

Harmonizer | Community | Courses | Author

Introducing Nicole

Nicole Lynn started Decluttered Spaces in 2013 to help people organize their homes and offices, thereby living happier lives with less stress. Today, Nicole creates simplified internal systems, offers training classes for small businesses, and consults in a private, online community. 

Oh, yes. She still organizes on-site for clients, rolls up her sleeves, and gets things in order.

Nicole believes Simplification is the answer to creating Harmony in our lives {including her own}.

How May I Help You?



As a Professional Organizer, it is my privilege to help others bring harmony to their lives through organizing.  I get to help them discover the best use of their space and what they really need.


Wave Makers

 A Wave Maker is a woman who is spreading her wings in her home, business, and life.  Wave-Makers are Inspiring, have No Limits, are Gracious, & support Success.

About Creating a Community that serves as support, your board of directors, & accountability. 



Are you a new Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Intrapreneur, Momma-preneur?  We like to think of you as Intro-Preneurs - you're not quite enjoying the roller coaster ride. You'd like some tips to make it better. I enjoy facilitating classes, providing solutions to the challenges.   


Author & Speaker

I feel privileged to have been a part of four books including an adult coloring-journal book.  I have also had the opportunity to speak to organization on various organizing subjects.  

"I was very honored to attend the first Wave Makers event. It was intimate, intentional, filled with real conversations, and great discussions on challenges that many women in business face. Nicole has created a great environment that debunks what traditional network looks and feels like. At Wave Makers, you will find women that are committed to helping each other grow and build successful businesses."

Kimberly Pitts, UImpact

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