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Chimenea Restoration

Fall is here! In some places, it's starting to feel like winter. What's better on a lovely evening than a fire to warm the toes, roast marshmallows, not to mention the ambiance. I enjoy a ceramic Chimenea - I like the warmth as well as the reduced opening for my doggies to wag their tails into.

With ceramic comes some upkeep; every year, it needs to be sealed, you need to keep the ashes cleaned out, and don't forget a cap to keep the rain out if it's not under a canopy.

Mine was looking very tired - we just moved, and mine didn't adjust to the rainy season. And duh me - I had it out in the elements. I read where you could use wood stain and bring ceramic pottery back to life. And it worked! I was shocked.

Here are the steps I took to get the job done.

  • I took fine sandpaper to get off the peeling paint. A scrubbing sponge would work as well.

  • I wiped it down with a dry cloth to remove the dust from sanding and any dirt.

  • Placed cardboard under my work area - drop cloth would work too.

  • Put on my rubber gloves. Opened the wood stain (I chose navy blue), gave it a good stir, and applied it with a cloth rubbing it in.

  • Waited for 24 hrs for it to dry. Applied a bit more in some of the weak areas.

  • I waited for another 24 hrs for it to dry - applied a clear coat.

  • Supplies I used: fine-grit sandpaper, cloth to wipe off the chimenea, plastic gloves, piece of cardboard, cloth to apply the stain, quart of wood stain, stir stick, clear coat sealer.

The longest process was waiting for it to dry in-between applications. It was a pretty easy and inexpensive project. I'm thrilled with the outcome and can't wait for the first cool night to enjoy my chimenea.

I'm looking forward to trying this on some terracotta pots as well. Share your favorite restoration projects.

Nicole Lynn

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